Day 4-Day 9


Well it was a holiday weekend which meant that I had more time off, I also took an extra day off. I was concerned of losing track or overeating and I don’t feel like either were necessarily an issue. I was much more consistent on weighing myself. As of this morning I weigh 230 lbs. I was hoping to have gone down a little more since yesterday, but I didn’t. I am trying not to get discouraged because 8 lbs even if it is just water weight is quite a bit. I may be eating too little which could contribute to the scale not moving any the past two days.

My big thing so far has been not telling myself that I can’t have a certain food. When I do that then all I want is that food and I binge on it. So I can have whatever I want I just cut the portion. Overall this has worked pretty well. I know that I am not getting my Macronutrients where they need to be which will be my next focus, along with drinking more water. I have been making small strides toward cutting down the amount of sweetened drinks I have and increasing water. I will order both at a meal out, and sip slowly never finishing the sweetened beverage, typically never even having half. I also make sure I order a water and drink quite a bit before the meal starts or I have anything sweet to drink .

7/2/2016 Food:

Lunch: Mediterranean Flatbread, Iced Green Tea, a few chips and probably two bites of Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice soup

Dinner: Cheeseburger and French Fries, Mr. Pibb

7/3/2016 Food:

Lunch: Filet, Steamed Veggies, Dinner Roll, Seasoned Rice (1/2 cup)

Dinner: Marinara Bucatini

Snack: Chamomile tea with 1 tablespoon honey

7/4/2016 Food:

Lunch: Broccoli Cheese Casserole (1/2 serving), Corn, 2 Chicken tenders

Dinner: Spicy Grilled Shrimp Tacos (2), Sweet Tea

Snack: Chips (1oz), French Onion Dip (2 tbsp) Didn’t Finish it all…..

7/5/2016 Food:

Lunch: Chicken Garlic Cream Pasta ( I essentially just ate the grilled chicken off the top then had a few noodles, it wasn’t very good)

Dinner: Chicken Piccata ( 1- 4oz piece), Wild Rice (1/4 cup), Dinner salad (1/4 serving), Dinner Roll (1/2)

7/6/2016 Food:

Breakfast: Chocolate Soymilk

Lunch: Fresh Veggie Sandwich

Snack: Half Ham and Low Fat Cheddar Sandwich

Dinner: Chicken Crispers (3), Corn on the Cob (1/2), A few french fries



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