Day 3: Weightloss

Day 3: 7/1/2016

Weight: I ran out of time the stupid Keurig was taking forever.

Yesterday I got my B12 shot, other than not being prepared to show a stranger my butt it was good. I think it gave me a little boost of energy as I went full steam cleaning at my mom’s from 3:30-7:00. I decided against a normal snack as they don’t have many options at their house, I didn’t want to cook anything, or go anywhere. Granted what I chose a Cola, wasn’t the best option. I drank it slowly over a few hour period.

I still had quite a few calories left over for dinner (700) so I got to have a pretty hearty dinner. Something I need to watch out for since the point of this is to shrink my stomach. I need to be snacking more during the day and be able to eat a little healthier at night. Finding low-cal non gross snacks is always a challenge. Especially when you are looking for a well-balanced snack.

I did wake up with quite the sore throat this morning. I am not sure if it was just from being dry or what. I am hoping that I am not getting sick, as that is what typically happens every time I start eating differently. I decided to forego the chocolate soy milk this morning, and had hot green tea with honey and some apple juice. As of now I feel better there seems to be a slight twinge in my throat but nothing too bad.

We are about to go into a holiday weekend. Which I will have off Saturday – Tuesday. That is a lot of time to not eat well. The only good thing is I will sleep in most likely and only be awake for two meals a day.

On a completely unrelated topic. I really want to go lay out somewhere. I have stipulations though I don’t want too many people, if any people around. I prefer not to get a parasite, or be attacked by any living creatures. I would love to have a boat and go out on the lake. But since R and I are hermits we don’t know anyone that could provide that for us. Bummer!


Breakfast: 40z Unfiltered Apple Juice, Green Tea with 1.5 Tbsp honey

Lunch: Steak Soft Taco

Snack: Ham & Cheddar Lunchable

Dinner: Spicy Chicken Tenders, Mac & Cheese, Sweet Tea, Green Beans ( I ate most all of the chicken, half the Mac & Cheese, a few green bean, and maybe a 1/4 of the tea)


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