Day 2: Weightloss

Day 2: 6/30/2016

Weight: ?

So far so good, granted it is only day 2. This morning I did wake up having a gallbladder attack. I am hoping losing some weight will help with these issues. I attribute it to the amount of fat in my dinner the night before. I have been exploring some holistic options when it comes to treating an attack and am still skeptical on whether or not they do anything.

Finding something for lunch was initially a little bit of a struggle. I know I should be bringing things from home, but that little bit of time away from the office is necessary and I am lazy. I mean who wants to spend all that time prepping lunch for the next day, and when you do something like a frozen dinner it never turns out to be what you feel like.

Today I go in to have my B12 shot, I am hoping that will give me a little extra energy that I have been lacking.

I haven’t decided when I will weigh myself. R weighs himself at night and when he first gets up. I am never diligent enough to do this. I can’t remember shit in the mornings.

Overall I feel decent. I get a little jittery in the morning, similar to drinking a Starbucks on an empty stomach. But other than that and some dry mouth nothing too bad (still having to remember to drink water).

Breakfast: Chocolate Soy Milk (6 oz)

Lunch: Popeyes Blackened Chicken Tenders (3), Cajun Rice (1/2 container)… No dipping sauce and I threw away the biscuit

Snack: Sprecher Cola ( I know bad choice)

Dinner: 2 Pieces Honey Wheat Bread, 1 Egg, 6 pieces thin sliced ham, 1 Slice Low Fat Mild Cheddar, Frozen Hash Browns (1 cup)


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